• View of the illuminated city of Baden near the apart hotel near zurich

    Baden & surroundings

    The city of Baden in the Limmat valley has much to offer. Famous for its thermal water, there is much to discover and enjoy on a wellness weekend in Baden. In addition to spa facilities, Baden also offers a wide range of cultural attractions. Climb high above the city to visit the ruins of Castle Stein, walk across the covered wooden bridge, take a tour of the Villa Boveri, home to the two barons of Swiss industry, Boveri and Brown – the choice is vast.

    Live close to nature with excellent connections to Zurich

    Baden is a small town in canton Aargau, just 20 minutes from Zurich city centre. In addition to its proximity to Zurich, Baden is also a popular point of departure for activities and excursions in the Aargau region. The surroundings offer both cultural treasures and opportunities for outdoor activities. Many of the best-known attractions are less than an hour away.

    The city of Baden

    The city of Baden itself looks back on an eventful past and boasts many attractions and historical sites. The ancient Romans settled on land now occupied by the present city – then known as "Aquae Helveticae". The region remained permanently inhabited after the departure of the Romans, as witnessed by Stein Castle, for example, whose ruins have become a symbol of the city. Built in the middle of the 15th century, the City Tower marking the northern gate of the historic oldtown is another sight worth seeing. With its narrow alleys and well-preserved buildings along the banks of the Limmat, the old town offers many pretty views. Cross the covered wooden bridge to reach the Governor's Castle and the Historical Museum next door, both custodians of the city's cultural heritage.

    Attractions in the Aargau

    There is plenty to see and do in the area around Baden. Wonders of nature, historical landmarks, lakes and the famous Aargau thermal springs are an invitation to adventurous day trips.

    Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen

    Europe's largest waterfall is less than one hour by car from the Aparthotel Baden. A guided boat trip is a great way to view this seething mass of water at close quarters.

    More about the Rhine Falls

    Habsburg Castle

    This seat of the once powerful dynasty of princes is just 20 minutes from the Aparthotel Baden. The castle remains in good condition to this day and can be visited. A fascinating location, especially when one considers that this is where one of the greatest European dynasties originated.

    Lake Hallwil

    Located in the Swiss Seetal valley, Lake Hallwil is about 50 minutes from Baden by car. The lake is perfect for swimming and other water sports, and the 22 km shore path provides a beautiful spot for hiking. You can also explore Lake Hallwil on a boat trip.

    Lake Hallwil boat trips

    Thermal springs

    Canton Aargau is known far beyond Swiss borders for its many thermal springs. The Romans were amongst the first to appreciate the warm water springing from the soil of our region. The following link provides an overview of the thermal baths close to the hotel.

    Thermal springs in Aargau

    Only 20 minutes from Zurich

    Even if you decide to book accommodation outside Zurich, there are plenty of good reasons why you should take the time to visit this Swiss metropolis. Zurich is the cultural capital of Switzerland, great personalities have shaped the image of the city and there are numerous attractions and destinations worth visiting. 

    What not to miss on a visit to Zurich:

    • Lake Zurich is located south of the city and is perfect for cooling off and relaxing.
    • The Uetliberg, Zurich's own local mountain, is a recreation area offering the perfect escape from everyday urban life
    • The Grossmünster church with its two towers is Zurich's best known landmark.